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Issue № 11 (2015)

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Fortova L.K., Bazaley E.A. The relevance of moral education and value system formation of schoolchildren in the modern conditions

Gorbunova I.B., Marchenko E.P., Tovpich I.O. The training of teaching musicians to perform spiritual and moral education of youth in the digital age school by applying computer music technologies

Gorbunova I.B. Musical computer as a new tool of teaching musicians at the digital age school

Ivakhnenko A.A. Development of the performing art of a teaching musician as a way to prevent professional disqualification

Denisenko V.I., Belomytseva A.D. Development of creative art abilities of students majoring in Fine Arts in the course of independent educational and creative work on painting

Korenev A.A., Moiseyeva V.I. The patterns of teacher-students communication at foreign language lessons

Nasrutdinova L.S. The features of experimental work on formation of ecological competence of engineers in the process of advanced vocational training

Kolbina E.V. Particularities of teaching mathematics to technical higher school students in the context of competence and contextual approaches

Nordman I.B. Formation and development of humanistic paradigm in Russian education

Fomina A.S. The educational designing with application of cloud technologies of data retention at Google Disk (Drive) in a higher school

Efimova T.O. The features of distance learning of a foreign language in a higher school

Shpak N.O. Spiritual and moral development of student’s personality during foreign language communicative activity

Miroshnikova O.K. Development of self-education competences in the course of foreign language teaching of students majoring in biology

Gorbunova I.B., Govorova A.A. Computer music technologies as a means of teaching the art of music to people with visual impairments

Kondratyeva S.Y. Topical issues of development of mathematical cognition in the system of prevention of dyscalculia of children with severe speech disorders (SSD)

Kryukov D.M. Pedagogical model of purposeful socialization and education of military higher school students

Korzhan E.A. Concerning innovative forms and methods of proactive education management in the military higher school

Anishchenko D.N. Theoretical bases of personnel management in a military educational institution

Theory and practice of
social development

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