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Issue № 11 (2012)

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Theory and practice of social development № 11 (2012)


Garsaev L.M., Garsaeva M.M. Shaipova T.S. Concerning a medieval Ingush headdress – Kur-khars (history and terminology)

Ovezova U.A., Vagner M.-N.L. Cooperation of the CIS countries and Russia in the field of education

Shakhbanov A.M. Features of the state social policy in 1990-s

Khazheev A.G. State policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of managers training: specific features and results (1991–2010)

Semenov A.B. Hopeless expectances for Russia’s integration in APEC

Tarasov O.Y. History of the Upper Amur River region’s toponyms development: stages of cultural and economic settlement in geographic names

Prisyazhny M.Y. Genesis and development of Yakutia residential settlements with predominant transport functions

Yakovleva K.M., Alekseeva A.N. Traditional Yakut culture in conditions of changing society (case study of Yakuts from village Bayaga, Tattinsky district)

Yakovlev A.I. Town image and improvement of Yakutsk in the early 20th century

Gorelikov A.I. Constitutional and legal aspect of the Far Eastern indigenous minorities’ transition to the market-oriented model of development

Stepanenko O.A. Modernization in socioeconomic system as a factor of political resolution of the North Irish conflict

Kushcheev S.Y. “Amnesty” of the illegitimacy in the Russian Empire (revisited the role of the Law dated June 3, 1942 “Concerning adoptions of regulations aimed to improve status of the illegitimate children”)

Bazhanov D.A. Russian sailors on the shore: leisure as a factor of Helsingfors’ marginalization in summer of 1917

Sukmanov E.V. Soviet national register in 1918–1990: historiographic review

Volodina N.N. Circle of contacts of the Russian Folk Tales’ publisher A.N. Afanasyev


Kazikhanov A.M. Priorities of the industry’s sustainable development

Bashirov K.G., Shakhshaeva L.M. Problems of formation and implementation of strategies for industrial enterprises’ sustainable development

Malyshev Y.A., Kazmalova O.N. Integrated assessment of the reproduction structure’s balance in a region

Dyagel O.Y. Formation of crisis management mechanism for service business development: theoretical and methodological aspects

Nesterova N.N., Savenkova O.Y. Role of agroindustrial complex in the regional socioeconomic development

Sadriev A.R. Idea management in the system of innovation management

Kuznetsova Y.V. Factors of business structures’ competitiveness on the fire and security alarm market

Pikhtareva A.V. Formation of financial stability strategy in the company

Telitchenko D.N. Risk management in vegetable growing in the open production on the level of business entities

Reshetnyak T.A. Organizational schemes providing high quality of municipal services

Kizim A.A., Babak V.A. Social catering as a dominant component of the food service industry

Sidorov V.A., Trubnikov P.V. A phenomenon of the global economy: political-economic aspect

Krivko S.R. Types of problem regions in the Russian Federation and precondition of their existence

Prodolyatchenko P.A. Economic and legal description of the deposit product conception

Sundukova O.A. Conception and matter of the structured financial products

Krapivin D.S. Some aspects of the investment projects’ social risks and ways of their reduction

Polyanskiy A.V. Conception suggestions on strategic development of the natural resources in the Russian Arctic Zone

Chuchko K.V. Europe's recovery from the recession

Theory and practice of
social development

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