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Terms of Publication

Terms of Publication

1. Publishing House HORS LLC provides chargeable publication services.

The total cost of services is made up of charges for each author’s page. Publication charges will be 900 RUB per page (designed in accordance with the Terms of Publication), including incomplete one, in January, August and September of 2020; 1.000 RUB per page  in February, March, April, May, June, July October, November, and December as well as for legal entities.

The charges include examination by anti-plagiarism software, review by at least two experts in the relevant branches of science according to double-blind peer review, editing, layout of the printed version, layout of e-version, replication of the printed version, open access publishing on websites http://dom-hors.ru / http://www.teoria-practica.ru, indexing the current issue of the journal in elibrary.ru (Russian Science Citation Index) according to the Agreement No. 62-03/2011R as of March 23, 2011, indexing the current issue of the journal in Crossref (DOI assignment), inclusion (metadata transmission) in databases and library resources, one print and one electronic version, a three-month subscription to the journal in PDF format.

Fees will not be charged for article submission and formatting in accordance with the journal house style. The royalties will not be paid.

As delivery by registered parcel by Russian Post (or other courier delivery service) is a non-basic service, it will be carried out as agreed with the author for an extra fee.

3. Publishing House HORS LLC will publish an article if the author fulfills the following terms:

a) the article submitted by the author is in compliance with the Publication Ethics, Terms of Publication, Peer Review Procedure that are publicly available on the following websites: http://www.teoria-practica.ru/poryadok-i-usloviya-publikacii/; http://www.teoria-practica.ru/poryadok-recenzirovaniya-publikacii/; http://teoria-practica.ru/redakcionnaya-etika/; http://dom-hors.ru/poryadok-i-usloviya-publikacii/; http://dom-hors.ru/poryadok-recenzirovaniya-publikacii/; http://dom-hors.ru/redakcionnaya-etika/,

b) the full amount has been credited to the current account of Publishing House HORS LLC in accordance with the invoice. Advance payment in full should be made to get published.

Besides, the article will be published according to the Publication Schedule, which determines submission deadline and publication date. The Publication Schedule is available on www.teoria-practica.ru and www.dom-hors.ru.

4. Payment is due five working days after the invoice date. Payment details must include the account number.

5. The acceptance of services is carried out as follows:

5.1. When the services are rendered, Publishing House HORS LLC drafts unilateral act of acceptance in line with a range of services delivered and sends an e-mail to the author.

5.2. Services will be deemed to have been duly rendered by Publishing House HORS LLC and fully accepted by the author as per invoice if Publishing House HORS LLC has not received any reasoned objections in written form within fifteen days of the journal release.

Upon the expiry of the above-mentioned terms, the author’s claims against services rendered, including their quantity (range), cost and quality, will be not accepted.

6. The articles published in the journal of Publishing House HORS LLC should be in line with its purpose and scope. The articles will be accepted if they have not been published elsewhere, have been checked for plagiarism with Advego Plagiatus software, and no less than 80% of the material is original.

7. The article should include information about the author, summary, and keywords (in Russian and English), notes and references. If there is one author, the article should be at least 8 pages. If the article consists of at least 12 pages, two authors are allowed. There can be three authors if the article consists of at least 16 pages.

8. If articles adhere to the Publication Ethics, Terms of Publication of the journal, they are accepted through the online application on http://www.teoria-practica.ru/online-zayavka/ or http://dom-hors.ru/onlayn-zayavka/.

The author is responsible for being in compliance with the Publication Ethics of Publishing House HORS LLC that is publicly available on the following websites: http://dom-hors.ru/redakcionnaya-etika/, http://www.teoria-practica.ru/redakcionnaya-etika/.

If the article to be published is not within the scope of the journal, is of low scientific quality and relevance that is confirmed by two or more internal peer reviewers, or in case of plagiarism detection by Advego Plagiatus software, the refund will not be given. The author will have one opportunity to replace it with another one up to the amount of publication charges.

If the author has violated the Publication Ethics of Publishing House HORS LLC and this fact has become evident after its publication, the article will be retracted according to the Article Retraction Procedure that is in public domain (follow http://teoria-practica.ru/redakcionnaya-etika/ and http://dom-hors.ru/redakcionnaya-etika/). Information on the retracted article will be sent to Russian Science Citation Index, Association of Science Editors and Publishers, EBSCO, Dissernet voluntary networking community.

9.    If the article submitted by the author and published in the journal of Publishing House HORS LLC has become a reason for lawsuits, third-party claims against publishing house and/or court order to pay penalties on the part of public authorities due to violation of rights of third party and/or law, the author shall promptly provide any required information on the release and content of the article to Publishing House HORS LLC, help Publishing House HORS LLC resolve such lawsuits and claims and cover the losses incurred by Publishing House HORS LLC due to such lawsuits, claims, orders.

10. Disputes and disagreements that may arise will be settled by negotiation between the parties as far as possible. If it is impossible, the disputes will be resolved in the Pervomaisky District Court of the city of Krasnodar after the pre-trial dispute resolution procedures stipulated by law.

11. All articles published by the journal are open access according to Attribution cc by Creative Commons License. This license allows people to distribute, edit, correct and build upon the material for any purpose even on a commercial basis in compliance with copyright.

Writing your paper

1. Text should be typed in Microsoft Word with an interval of one and a half line spacing; indent, 1.25 cm; top, bottom, left, right margins, 2 cm; font Times New Roman, 14 pt; consecutive page numbers starting with the first page.

2. The tables are presented in Microsoft Word format. Tables should be numbered. Table titles should be included above the table without a point. You must have a table after the text in which it is mentioned for the first time or on the next page. Table reference in the text is required; it should be given before the table presented. The reference should not be a separate phrase that repeats the table title. Table title should be on the left without indent. Titles and subtitles of columns should be presented.

3. The article should include the following information:

1 – the UDC code;

2 – full name of the author;

3 – academic degree, academic status;

4 – current professional status (if available). It is important to indicate the place of work and position clearly without any interpretations or abbreviations;

5 – contact details (postal address to receive a copy of the journal, e-mail, phone number);

6 – the title of the article;

7 – summary (100–150 words). It should briefly summarize the aim, findings or purpose of the article.

8 – keywords (8–10 words or phrases). Each keyword or phrase is separated by a comma;

9 – references. Articles without references are not accepted.

The information referred to 2–4, 6–8 subparagraphs should be presented in both Russian and English.

4. The authors should present the list of citations. All sources of information, such as quotes or borrowed ideas, must be acknowledged in your manuscript. A number [X] is inserted at the point in your article where you cite another author's work. At the end of your work, the full reference [X] of the work is provided. Citations and their corresponding references are provided in the order they appear throughout your article. A numbered list of references must be provided at the end of the paper preceded by the word “References”. Reference list entries should appear in the order the sources are cited in the text of the paper, beginning with [1], and continuing in consecutive numerical order, from the lowest number to the highest. Reference list entries do not follow an alphabetical order by author or title of sources. It is necessary to present a website, and the date retrieved for web documents.

5. References in Russian are provided in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008 (System of Standards on Information, Librarianship and Publishing. Bibliographic Reference. General Requirements and Rules of Making). References are translated into English by the Editorial Board and presented according to the Harvard system and Editorial Guidelines for Scientific Journals due to the International Standards by O.V. Kirillova. The authors should not translate references when submitting an article.

6. Self-citation and multiple citations of works written by the same author are strictly prohibited and to be deleted as unjustified ones (reference to the previous studies of the author or a similar reference (no more than 2) are an exception).

7. You should cite literature published within 5 years.

8. We do not recommend citing non-scientific literature and science fiction (encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals) as well as news and blogs if this is not defended by research logic. You can keep the relevant information in the text, if necessary.

9. The authors should provide information on research funding.


Surname Name Patronymic

PhD applicant, Economic Department, State University

tel.: (000) 000-00-00


The title of the article

Summary: The text of 100-250 words on the relevance and novelty of the topic, the main substantive aspects.

Keywords: 8-10 words or phrases on a selected topic.

The text of the article


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