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Theory and practice of social development

International scientific journal

ISSN 1815-4964 (print)
Registration certificate of Published Media
ПИ № ФС 77–55186, 11.09.2013

enters the List of Higher Attestation Commission
Founded in 2005
Releases 12 times per year
Subscription Index 10299 – Russian Press

ISSN 2072-7623 (online)
Registration sertificate of Electronic Media
Эл № ФС 77–57146, 11.03.2014
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About the journal

The leading magazine of HORS Publishing house – "The theory and practice of social development" – leaves since 2005 as the periodic printing edition, and since 2008 – as network on a site www.teoria-practica.ru. It allowed not only to expand reader's audience and to facilitate access to publications of scientists in it for approbation of results of the dissertation and grant researches, but also to organize the steady channel of feedback between all subjects of scientific community, whether it be editorial collective, the reader or the author of the publication.

Thanks to rich opportunities of Internet communications, it allowed to create favorable conditions for creative discussions not only on scientific, but also to the political problems representing mutual interest for young and venerable scientists – philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, teachers, historians, culturologists, political scientists, economists, jurists.

Since 2010 the magazine is included in the List of the Russian reviewed scientific magazines in which the main scientific results of theses on competition of scientific degrees of the doctor and the candidate of science have to be published.

The scientific magazine "Theory and Practice of Social Development", undoubtedly, is in the lead on the enormous tasks assigned to it one of which allows to develop the intellectual and saturated party of our multidimensional life.

It should be noted also the bias of our edition popularizing researches and works of academicians, doctors and candidates of science, research associates, the faculty, young scientists in a uniform galaxy of the most interesting material actual as for each subject of our country in particular, and for Russia as a whole.

Monthly scientific magazine "Theory and Practice of Social Development" publishes more than 100 articles of scientific researches and concepts. Such frequency allows scientists to touch upon the hottest subjects, to organize live discussion, to discuss developed ideas and the directions in scientific community.

Theory and practice of
social development
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