2014. No. 4

Editorial list



Ivankina L.I. Intellectual maturity of a personality as a factor of social subjectness realization

Kravtsov Y.S. Education in the process of development from cyber-society to society

Gavrilov E.O. Principle of reference values distinction in the religion sphere as a prerequisite of social dynamics

Dokhayeva A.B. Religious and scientific aspects of a culture

Maksimova E.Y. Socio-philosophical methods of studying the tradition

Lopatinskaya T.D. Virtualization of modern culture and its phenomena

Vyalov A.I. A problem of correlation between the material world and the human soul in the ethic and psychological doctrine of K.D. Kavelin

Dakoro M.A. Introspection of the Russian intelligentsia: "Vekhi" (Landmarks) and their criticism

Isakova Y.I. Civil control as a sphere of interaction between society and authorities in Russia: historical and sociological analysis

Shipota K.A. Semiotics of space in the perspective of the topos of temporal manifestation

Loshkareva-Imgrunt S.I. Identity in the context of socio-philosophical and social humanities researches



Alekseenok A.A. Identification criteria of middle class in the modern Russian society

Rumyantseva O.S. Internal monitoring system of educational environment quality in a higher school



Herrera L.M., Afanaskina O.E. Motivation for effective learning from the perspective of students and teachers

Ivanova M.G. Concerning a question of a subject specifics of ethnic psychology as a science about interethnic cooperation

Kidinov A.V. The impact of barriers on the personal activity in the context of social dynamism

Mikhaylova I.V., Sedunova A.S., Gnedova S.B., Mikhailova E.V. Attribution components of condition of patients with diagnose “Ischemia of the heart muscle. Exertional angina”



Khromenkov P.A. The potential of inter-scientific communication in development of higher teachers’ training education

Gorbachev A.A., Tararieva C.S. Stages of professional communicative competence development of students – travel managers based on the educational projecting method in a higher school

Breitigam E.K., Kiselnikov I.V. Prerequisites, specifics and formation of mathematics teachers’ training in a MA course “Teachers’ Training”

Chalykh N.A., Shibanova E.A., Chalykh O.P., Bouryakova O.L. Basic approaches to the definition of a speaking skill in the modern scientific knowledge

Sanina M.K., Sanin S.A. Educational potential of volunteering activities in formation of international communication habits and ethno-cultural competence of students

Kokaeva L.K. Training of future teachers of native (Ossetic) language to carry out the professional activities in the conditions of multicultural educational space of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania

Shakamalov G.M. Health-saving focus of gymnasts’ training at the elementary stage with application of psychophysical training means

Zharkova A.A. Students’ unions as a condition of sociocultural development of the modern youth: comparative analysis

Rudakova I.A., Zilberbrand N.Y. The system of teacher's work on realization of value tasks in the educational process

Akimova L.A. The healthy and safe lifestyle culture of a teacher as a basis for the formation of students’ health

Prishchepova I.V. Concerning the intuitive spelling correctness of junior schoolchildren with general speech underdevelopment and without developmental disorders

Potemkina A.V. Embossed books for the blind: history and modern times

Manvelov N.S. Optimization of a process of valuable and semantic structuring of educational information

Volkova E.V. Actualization of the sociocultural competence concept in the modern science and educational practices in the context of education globalization



Zubanova S.G. Social service of the orthodox clergy in prisons of the Russian empire of the 19th century

Prilutskiy V.V. The free soil party and the slavery issue in the USA in the middle of the 19th century

Safronov O.S., Smirnova O.A. Socioeconomic aspects of rural community formation in Russia according to the interpretation of P.A. Kropotkin

Solovtsov A.A. Difficulties in social and economic development and manufacturing capabilities of domestic enterprises in the first third of the XIX – the early XX centuries

Khasbulatova Z.I. Retention of the magic and magic rituals in the family ceremonial rites of Chechens in the pre-revolutionary period

Valeev A.M. Development of physical education and sports in the Far East in 1945–1955

Bodrovа E.V., Kalinov V.V. About consequences of monetary policy of the Russian Federation

Danshina S.A. Development of patriotism and historical identity of youth in the Udmurt Republic at the turn of the 21st century



Litvintseva G.Y. Peculiarity of Russian postmodernism

Belozerova G.M. The history of development and the role of the Paralympics and the Special Olympic movement in socialization and enculturation of a person



Polunin V.Y. National and political world-view of personnel of the Federal Security Service of Russia

Anosova V.V. Municipal personnel: problems and prospects of realization of powers

Kosmodemyanskaya K.V. The authorities and the mass media – interaction or confrontation?

Lyskov A.Y. Formation of a multi-party system as a key factor of the party system formation in the modern Russia

Kong Qiaoyu. Communist model in the modern Chinese antiterrorism political discourse



Charakhchyan K.K. Impact of the changes in the economy structure on the economic growth rate of the country

Sapegina O.P. Clusters as initiators of innovative processes in regional economy

Morozova G.V., Zharova E.N. Influence of tax policy on increase of innovative activity of a region

Sidorov V.A., Trubnikov A.V. The factor component of the human capital development in a global economic system

Makarov A.M., Sinyakova O.S. Management of industrial enterprise development based on effective use of a consumer potential resource

Khegay Y.A. Problems and prospect of the transport system development in Russia

Fedorova E.I., Fedorov K.V. Some practical aspects of the consolidated financial reporting in the Russian Federation

Demyanova M.V. The life cycle of an economic need

Kuznetsova I.V. Strategic management of social sphere in a municipal entity

Isengalieva M.E. Factors influencing the migration of labour force in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mosyakina E.A. Methodological approach to evaluation of the life quality of population



Vishnevetskiy K.V. Victimization: factors, conditions, levels

Sychev V.V. Correctional works as a kind of administrative penalty

Grigorieva A.G. Enforcement of minors’ housing rights: problems of legal regulation and law enforcement practice

Samoylova V.V. Surrogacy as a legal institution

Sushkova I.A. Civil law novels concerning the intellectual rights protection in the information and telecommunication networks

Shebanov D.V., Tereshchenko L.S. Concerning some problems of fraud classification in the computer information field

Leus M.V. Legal novels concerning invalidation of a meeting’s decision

Larin A.A. Lustration as a reason for restriction of electoral rights

Fomicheva O.A. Questions of definition of the executive authority representation from the constituent territory of the Russian Federation to the Federation Council

Koval Y.A. Concerning the situations of conflict of interests in the education sphere



date of release 12.04.2014


Person of the month

Leus Marianna Vladimirovna,

PhD in History,
Assistant Professor, General Theoretic
and State Legal Disciplines Department,
Kuban Institute for Social and Economic Studies




Legal novels concerning invalidation of a meeting’s decision


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